Gold Rush

Welcome to Gold Rush, a hootin’ tootin’ online slot machine from wiley developer Pragmatic Play! In case our witty opening line didn’t cover what this slot is about, Gold Rush is an old miners themed slot, one that lets you chip away at some mighty fine wins for as long as your heart desires!

There are plenty of mining-themed games out right now, so what makes Gold Rush worth checking out over the rest of them? Let’s find out shall we! 

Gold Rush is a 5 reel by 25 payline sort of slot, one that emotes similar vibes to quite a few slots in the Pragmatic Play playbook, although we can assure you that this is its own beast!

You can expect a variety of enticing bonuses to present themselves here in the game, meaning it pays to play over extended periods of time, trust us! Now, if you hope to learn more about this slot then be sure to check out the rest of the review down below! Win Starburst Free Spins!

About Pragmatic Play and Their Other Games

Malta-based developer Pragmatic Play has plans of world domination, this much is true! These guys have offices dotted around the globe, each working tirelessly to bring their audience everything they could ever want in their online slot games!

Slots like Gold Rush are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unique/interesting games that sit in their catalogue. 

As of 2019, Pragmatic Play has well over 160 online slots and over 80 mobile/tablet slots for you to spin in!

That’s around 159 games you’ve yet to play if you’ve played the slot we’re looking at for you today! Pragmatic Play appears to only get better with age you know, but don’t take our word for it, check out some of the following games:

About the Gold Rush Casino Game/Bonus Features 

Welcome to one of the most rewarding jobs in the history of man, welcome to the mines of Gold Rush! It’s time to put some serious graft in to earn your pay, as this mine rewards those willing to go the extra mile!

We are big fans of Pragmatic Play as a developer, so when we heard that they were coming out with this slot we were excited, and boy was we happy with the final product! This is a top-quality game, one that is definitely worth checking out! 

If you want to play Gold Rush all you have to do is place a starting bet down, something that can be achieved by using the arrow keys found at the bottom of the screen, hitting the left arrow will decrease your bet and the right one will increase it (simple, right?).

In Gold Rush — or any online slot for that matter — the more you play with, the more gold you’ll have lining your pockets if you can come out successful with each spin.

Symbols in Gold Rush are varied, to say the least, covering everything from low to high valued icons. Low-value symbols take the form the various letters you see on the board — matching these symbols will award you a small pot of money, match the high-value symbols and you’ll see massive payouts!

Minecarts, lanterns, dirty prospectors and pickaxes are but a few examples of the bigger symbols you’ll find here. 

Want to make some serious coin in Gold Rush? Look for the Stinky Pete looking symbol (the dirty prospector), as it’s he who will award you the highest score on the board.

If you can find five of him in the same line you can earn up to 20x your stake just like that! It shouldn’t be too hard to find this icon given how his smell radiates from off the screen…

Wilds and scatter symbols are on offer here, finding them will be the key to success, trust us! Sticks of dynamite are the wild symbols in Gold Rush, matching them will cause massive explosions to blow across the screen, turning everything in its wake into rubble!

All symbols that the wilds have destroyed will be replaced by scatter icons and other symbols. Matching the scatters that the wilds replace should be your highest priority.

Free spins are awarded to those who match the scatter symbols — you want to access the free spins as they come with multipliers, the kind of multipliers that can increase your scores tenfold! Golden nuggets are added to this bonus.

Every time you collect these golden nuggets the meter you see off at the side of the screen will increase! Free spins add high-value miners to your free spins round, thus increasing your chances of coming out handsomely! Here’s how it all works: 

  • 0-4 nuggets = 7 extra miners
  • 5-9 nuggets = 16 extra miners
  • 10-14 nuggets = 21 extra miners
  • 15+ nuggets = 29 extra miners

It is possible to match more scatters during this round to get more free spins in return, it just depends on how lucky you are at that given moment.

With every scatter found you’ll be pocketing another free spin in return. Free spins in Gold Rush are incredibly rewarding, and should be what you’re aiming for with every spin if you care about making some serious cash here!

Final Review on the Gold Rush NZ Slot

Gold Rush is the sort of free online slots nz machine that one can keep coming back to if they want to earn some quick cash, this is something we learned personally when playing the game for ourselves!

Pragmatic Play has done an exceptional job of crafting a slot that awards those willing to go the extra mile and clock more hours in. Should you play Gold Rush for yourself? The answer to this question is yes, now, time to get your hands dirty!