Fluffy Too

Have you ever played a little slot by the name of Fluffy favourites before? If the answer to that question is yes, then you should know there is a hit sequel to this slot in Fluffy Too, a slot that is everything you could ever ask for a sequel in our opinion!

Fluffy Too certainly lives up to the hype, trust us, we’ve been playing it nonstop lately! Fans of Fluffy Favourites, this one is for you. Win up to 500 free Starburst spins on Star Slots 

Like the original Fluffy Favourites, Fluffy Too is a 5 reel by 25 payline nz slots game, playable on multiple devices, which does include mobile — from as little as 25p a spin! Fluffy Too is a relatively basic slot to get the hang of, one that comes with plenty of cuddly animal toys for you to fill your arms with, just like it’s predecessor.

If you wish to learn more about Fluffy Too then be sure to check out the rest of the review down below!

About the Developer of the Fluffy Too Slot Game: Eyecon 

Eyecon is one of those developers that appear to only get better in time, something that only a few developers have been able to hold a candle too over the years, and with good reason.

Eyecon has worked incredibly hard since its inception all the way back in 1997, responsible for countless everlasting experiences online across hundreds of games — look no further than the Fluffy franchise to see this in motion. 

Today Eyecon has shifted all their attention to the mobile gaming market, a market that grows by the day, thanks mostly to games such as Candy Crush changing the game forevermore.

We consider Eyecon to be one of the very best developers around today, and you should too if you know what’s good for you! Be sure to check out some of the following online slots if you enjoyed Fluffy Too — or any game in their catalogue for that matter. 

About the Fluffy Too Casino Game/Bonus Features

If you go down to the fairground today, we’re sure you’ll find a big surprise! Fluffy Too, it’s the second entry in the Fluffy Franchise series, one that promises big things to those willing to play this carnival game!

The original game struck such a chord with fans that it is almost difficult to imagine another slot in the franchise would be as good, yet here we are, singing it’s praises — telling you right off the bat that this is something special. 

Eyecon is taking us to the seaside this time around, we’ve upgraded from the fields of a fairground and have instead landed on a boardwalk somewhere!

This promenade is home to all your favourite carnival games, not to mention various cuddly prizes that are just waiting to be collected! The art style in Fluffy Too is exactly what you should expect as it essentially the same as the original, just ironed out a lot smoother in comparison.

To earn cash in Fluffy Too the rules are simple, all you have to do is line up as few as three cuddly toy icons in a row to trigger a win, simple, right?

Of course, punters stand to make a lot more money if they can find up to five icons in the same line, but that’s another story… Every symbol here is designed to look like various cuddly animal toys, each featuring their own distinct colour/shape — think of them as classic beanie babies, updated to sit in the modern-day. 

Every symbol you come across will offer something different in terms of scores depending on the number of symbols involved in the decision.

The goldfish and duck will net you 100 coins per line as the least valuable icons on the paytable. Next up you have the rhino and the giraffe which will award 200 coins for nabbing them — after that you have the wise old tortoise who nets you 300 coins for taking him off the shelf. 

Free Spins Features

If you care about making money in Fluffy Too then be on the lookout for both the panda and the gorilla symbol, finding them in blocks of five can grant you 500 coins instantly!

Finally, the most valuable symbol on the board is the purple hippo, find a total of five of this big guy, and you can earn up to 200x your stake. Fluffy Too isn’t without a few bonus symbols here too to keep things interesting…

The pink elephant symbol here is the wild icon featured in Fluffy Too, matching this symbol guarantees a big score once the reels have come to a complete stop.

Wild icons will substitute various icons across the board, meaning you could potentially form a win from a bad spin! Some symbols are exempt from the substitution here, like other elephants, for example, thus making it hella easy to come out with a big win repeatedly! 

Matching the elephants will result in up to 25 free spins for the player just like that! You will want to take advantage of free spins as they come with multipliers attached, meaning you can multiply any scores tenfold!

Most wins you find in this round can be re-triggered too, thus giving you multiple turns to win some of the best prizes! If you wish to make the most money possible here in Fluffy Too then you should always be on the hunt for those pink elephants! Play the Emoticoins slot game on Star Slots!

Final Review of the Fluffy Too Slot Game

Fluffy Too has no right to be as good as it is! Eyecon’s Fluffy franchise grows even bigger by the day it seems, racking up tens of thousands of players on a daily basis, and who can blame them with a free online slots nz like this!

The graphics are a lot cleaner, and the gameplay feels a lot smoother in comparison to the original, something that only elevates it even higher! People, if you’ve yet to check out Fluffy Too what are you waiting for? Those prizes won’t last forever, you know…