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Slingo Originals have been producing their Slots and bingo hybrid since 1994 because of that they have gained a great wealth of understanding of what players enjoy when they spin the reels.

The Slingo games tend to have a medium volatility, however they can alter a little bit, so it is worthwhile to check each individual slot game. Their RTP’s all fall around 95% or marginally higher. Whilst the max payout can vary from 200 times the stake to 2500, the betting range is standardised throughout Slingo’s Original games. Starting at min bets of $0.20 with a max bet of $25.

We tested a variety of their demo slots and from the Slingo Free plays we experienced the biggest determinant in volatility was the frequency of bonus symbols occurring. Find more here about slingo free play or follow the link to claim free spins today!

Deposit £10 to Get Free Spins

How To Play Slingo For Free

There are plenty of different casinos out there offering special welcome bonuses. We can use these to get get access to Slingo free play!

These Welcome bonuses can come in a few different forms – we are able to find cash bonus incentives as well as free spins to be able to get free play access to Slingo games through no deposit welcome bonuses. Learn more about best slot games here, which tend to come with free spins upon sign up!

Slingo Mechanics, Bonuses & Free Spins

Now that we have an understanding of how Slingo’s game stats will look, we should probably discuss how their reimagining of slots actually works.

  • Well we are given a 5 reels on a single row to spin. We then have a 5 by 5 bingo sheet to try and mark off.
  • We mark each of the bingo sheet squares off by spinning the reel and matching the numbers.
  • As each spin fires off, the bingo sheet numbers will be automatically ticked off and we have to hold our fingers crossed to make a line.
  • The number of lines that we are able to get dictates what our reward will be.

For some of Slingos games this will simply mean a direct cash win, however other Slingo releases add an additional bonus game into the process. These bonus games are progressively unlocked the more lines we gather.

Each bonus game offers better odds of making bigger wins or other in game bonuses.
Unfortunately, with the Slingo slots that use this bonus method, we usually have to achieve 4 or more lines which decreases our chances of having a winning spin.

Min/Max Bet

$0.20 / $25


Approx. 95%


Usually Medium


Free Spins /

Playing Slingo Free Online

There are a few different ways that we are able to get free play access to Slingo slots. The most advantageous that is available to us it to take advantage of those welcome bonuses, giving us a chance to be able to experience these superb Slingo games, whilst also having the chance to be able to win some real money.

Though, for the astute among us, we will know that with a  game with such interesting mechanics that it would be a good idea to learn how the game works (beyond simply reading a walkthrough). Understanding how the game works means that we can avoid wasting those precious free spins in the process of learning how this unique game works.

The answer to this is demo slots.
Demo slots are easily found online, most game providers will give players free play access to their slots via their website and luckily after signing up, Slingo will let us do this too.

Alternatively, we are able to simple have a quick search online, there are plenty of sites that have embedded the demo version of Slingo games for us to try out.

Other Free Slingo Games

Slingo have a huge variety of game themes that we can enjoy with, so there is something for every type of player to be able to get their fill of this innovative combination of bingo and slot games! Below are just a few of the different types of games we can find with Slingo, check out their website to get your fill of free play Slingo games

Slingo Lightning

For those of us who enjoy a darker mood, Slingo Lightning is a great game to play. And with a low to medium volatility, plus a 200x max win

Slingo Fluffy Favourites

Fluffy Favourites is a medium to high volatility slot with an RTP of 95.3% and is set in a fair ground full of prizes to be won. They have integrated a range of different bonuses as well as a fun little bonus game.