No matter what game you choose to play, there is normally some kind of strategy involved. But what about online slot strategies? How do we go about doing them, if they even exist - and what exactly does this entail? Well, finding a winning slots strategy is a game in itself, and certainly, there is a knack to getting things right and strategising to win the big bucks. It’s not exactly hard, but it’s not exactly easy either - with so many games on offer and with various ways to play and win, the hardest thing with online slots is choosing which to play. 

Pros and cons of online slot strategies

Slot games come with their own pros and cons and this includes finding a winning slots strategy. Having said that, one true, tried and tested winning slot strategy is to make use of the casino bonus that you normally get once you have finished the initial sign up. And, although extra terms and conditions do sometimes apply, (just have a little shop around and compare the different casinos to see which is for you), this can still be a winning slots strategy to use when you are playing online slots. Why not sign up to Star Slots and win up to 500 Starburst free spins!

Making the most of a winning slots strategy 

Now, bearing in mind that gaming with online slots is something we do simply for fun most of the time, playing with a winning slots strategy in mind is something worth doing if you would like a better chance of winning. Most slot games are available to play online for free, and it’s really worth making use of that if you want to just dip your toe into the slot gaming world, especially before you decide to put down any of your own money to play the game, in case you would prefer a different gaming option once you have had a go. And, do not forget that you can play slot games on the go. This makes the game accessible, and popular - in fact, slot games online have the most downloads per game online and via app stores on iOS and Android. Another thing that is worth bearing in mind, is that you should always choose to play a game from a reputable casino source, particularly when you go to game online. And, it is a good idea to check reviews and game descriptions. 

When you strategise in this way, though you are playing it safe, you are helping yourself win more money in the long run, as games played from a reputable source and that have been well researched are those that give you a better chance to win. The best winning slot strategy though, has to be making use of the daily jackpots. Play any slot game with a daily jackpot, and your chances of winning a large sum are much higher. Find many more slots and games!

Do’s and don’ts of using a winning video slots strategy

There are lots of do’s and don’ts of slot gaming, many of which few of us really think to think about, because how hard is it? You pull the lever and the reels spin on, and you either win or lose, right? Well, yes and no. There is a lot that can go into the do’s and don’ts of online slots gaming, but here we will just talk about the basic ones to stick to so you get started on playing slot games with success, and hopefully, these can be developed over time the more gaming experience you get. 

The strategic options of slot gaming

Slot gaming is mainly a game that is played for fun, and it can be found online and mostly these are free to play of course, unless and until you actually place a bet for real cold hard cash. Slot gaming can also be played on the go, making it the most accessible and with the highest number of downloads per game online and in app stores for that reason. But this leaves so much room for error because there are so many more ways to play, and there are people fronting companies out there that will take advantage of this. 

So, in order to avoid being played when you want to be the one doing the playing, the first biggest thing to do when you are thinking about a winning slots strategy is to ensure that you only play slot games that are hosted by reputable online casinos.  To go about making sure you do this, always check the reviews and game descriptions of slot games, so that you know what you’re getting yourself in for early from the get-go. This helps you to avoid any mistakes that might be already mentioned in reviews that somebody else may have accidentally done themselves - it is always better to learn from somebody else’s mistakes than from your own after all. 

So ultimately you want to make sure you are playing a game from a source that is reputable. There is really no point what so ever in betting your money away when you are not even sure that you are betting - you could just be giving it away if you do, so it’s worth taking the time to check these things out. And remember it is really about the aim of the game which should always be having fun. 

Ways to find a winning slots strategy and use it 

Slot games are a lot of fun, and thanks to the ease of accessibility with them being online and available through apps, they can be played anywhere, anytime. But, despite the fun-factor, a lot of us do still solely play games to win, particularly slot games. But, just like every other game players enjoy at the casino, the formula to winning is more or less just based on luck and chance, and only sometimes a sprinkling of strategy. 

They are online as we have mentioned, and as such, winning with a slot game is just as random as the programmers of the computer game can make it with the algorithm, which is ultimately what dictates who wins and when there is a winner. However, there are some ways to come up with and find a winning slots strategy, but these sorts of games are more or less rare and hard to come by. This means odds are set, and so the edge belongs to the house in most circumstances. 

Outcome possibilities

The odds of slot games work in much the same way as those on the roulette table - bearing in mind that the casino makes money based on paying out less than the odds winning. So if the roulette is at double zero, with digits one to 36 plus 0 and 00, the real odds with roulette against any other figure is really going to be 37 to one, but the house will pay out to players who win with any single digit number only 35 to one. So bearing this in mind, with slot games, there are just more possibilities surrounding the outcome being a winner, because there’s absolutely thousands of possibilities around that because of the amount of potential combinations that could happen. 

The number of those and the payouts per win will work in tandem to determine the odds of the slot game. 

So, how do I find a winning slots strategy?

It is worth simply knowing those details to know the ways to win playing slot games. They are, that modern slot games work in the same way as the traditional slot machines did, more or less, with the exception that one is online, that will be one of the only major real differences.

Except, the maths of that is a little bit more complex. There are far more possibilities with online slot games because the number generators are set at random and work from much larger figures of numbers. There are more reels used than that which you see before you, normally four. These aren’t always the only parts that are at work when you play. With online slot games, there are more pay lines and not only this, but the game programmers and developers have to deal with the effect of a bonus game. So all in all, it can be hard to find a winning slots strategy, but with the above fundamentals in your roster of knowledge it will still actually make it easier to play the game and have some way of knowing how you can win. In this way it is more of an art than a strategy. Looking at a machine is a good idea to get a look in at that, because this will give you more of an insight as to what game to choose to play when you go for slot games. 

How you can find a winning slots strategy with progressive slots

Progressive slots, the only game in the casino with a prize that just keeps getting bigger and bigger the more you play and even if you happen to lose. So what is the strategy that can help you win big on progressive jackpots other than by simply winning the game? Because of course, to actually win big on progressive jackpots you need to win the game in order to get the jackpot in the first place. It is like the majority of gamers among us who play online games, if you can, then you strategise, and if you just are not able to then you simply cross your fingers and hope for the best. But luckily, you can win big on progressive jackpots just by playing the games themselves and having fun , as they say - you have got to be in it to win it. 

It all comes down to money

Well, of course having enough money to keep the game topped up is necessary, as you can play more, and really, that is a strategy that is needed if you are to play a progressive jackpot. But, that is not to say you need to drain your money, it is just worth bearing in mind that even though you will be playing for fun, naturally that has a price. Of course, the allure of winning a wad of cash is what keeps things a lot more interesting, but ultimately we are here to talk about a winning slots strategy. Especially if you want to win big with progressive jackpots, you need to place the maximum bet you can at each pay line and spin. But do not take unnecessary risks, it just is not worth it and playing the game and having fun should be the main goal. 

Read the small print

Most things, if not everything, in life has a fine print or wording that is just a little smaller than that which has pulled you there in the first place. Every casino, online or otherwise, has got their own policy when it comes to bonuses and payouts for winners. It is worth checking those out before playing a game and making sure that you are comfortable with these terms. If you still have questions, iron those out before you bet your cash, or you may regret it in the long-run. There will be terms out there in line with what you are after, but sometimes you will need to shop around a bit first in order to find them. 

Keep eyes on the jackpot prize

Casinos these days are facing a lot of competition, not least because of the influx of gaming sites and casinos now available online at the touch of a button. To mitigate this, most if not all the casinos available have their own promotions, and they make these known to the public mainly via their social media channels and website banners, so it’s worth checking those out before you decide to play with a certain casino. With a bit of shopping around, you can win money at a cheaper price than if you do not bother searching first.