Irish Eyes

Irish Eyes Slot Review

Come take a gander at one of the prettiest Irish slots you’ll ever come across in the vast world of online slot gaming, so pretty in fact that it will be all you think about for a few weeks after playing!

Irish Eyes just so happens to be one of NextGen Gaming’s finest online slots to date you know, known for its fun gameplay and unique features, the kind that can make you incredibly rich from only a handful of spins! May the luck of the Irish forever be in your favour! 

Irish Eyes is a 5 reel by 25 pay line online slot machine, one that comes with a few twists and turns to keep each spin interesting, a slot that must have been played by hundreds if not thousands of players at this point!

If you’re looking for a slot that comes with rich rewards, then you’ve come to the right place given the act that the RTP percentage of Irish Eyes is set at 95%! Be sure to check out the rest of the review tomorrow to learn more!

About the Developer of the Irish Eyes Slot - NextGen

What can we tell you about developer NextGen Gaming that hasn’t already been said? Well, this developer has had a hand in crafting some of the most played online slot games out right now for as long as we can remember!

In case their name isn’t a big giveaway already, NextGen Gaming look to prioritise what the future of this industry is with every new slot they come out with, it’s partly the reason they’ve been able to stay on top for all these years! Win up to 500 Starburst Spins at Star Slots!

Irish Eyes — the slot we’re looking at today — is one of their most popular offerings, a showcase of what they have to offer across most of their games.

If you take a look at most reputable casino sites you’ll find the front and centre of their game, and if you’ve played any for yourself you’ll know why that is! If you want to keep the good times rolling with more of their games, check out the following: 

  • A Dragons Story
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  • Irish Luck Jackpot
  • And many, many more!

About the Irish Eyes Slot Game/Bonus Features 

Irish Eyes is an incredibly simplistic online slot games to play, one that we can recommend to players of varying entry levels because of how easy it is to pick up!

NextGen Gaming was clearly looking to appeal to everyone with this slot — you could say they did that by choosing to make this an Irish-themed slot given how popular they are at this moment in time! If you enjoy basic games with big wins then this will be the game for you guaranteed!

If you have played any NextGen Gaming slot in the past then this one should feel quite familiar. The goal of this slot is simple, to win all you have to do is match as few as three symbols in the same line.

You will make more money if you can find five in a line, although this is somewhat difficult to pull off. Your best at the start of each round will determine how much money you end up with once the reels come to a complete stop, so bet wisely. 

To play Irish Eyes all you need to do is select your bet amount to get the reels moving! You adjust your bets at the bottom of the screen — bets in Irish Eyes are quite varied allowing you to play in a myriad of different ways depending on your preferred play style.

Know that the bet you set at the beginning of every round will determine the amount of money you end up with once the game begins, the higher the better. Once you’re happy with your offering, simply hit the big button! 

Since this is an Irish game, one should expect all of the symbols on the board to represent that in some way or other. Every icon you see here will offer something different depending on the symbol itself and the number of icons involved in the winning decision!

You’ll find a mix of low and high-value symbols here across the board, each taking on a very distinct shape. Low-value icons appear as various letter-like icons, adding to scores in small amounts when found — if you care about making money in Irish Eyes then you should be looking for the higher tier offerings.

On the board, you’ll find shamrocks, pots of gold and much, much more! Each symbol here will offer something different, depending on how many icons you can cram into the same line.

Some of the icons here will come with unique bonuses too, so be sure to look out for those! It goes without saying, but if you care about making cash here in Irish Eyes then you’ll want to use these bonuses as often as possible. 

Wild symbols in Irish Eyes give you the chance to reshuffle the deck so to speak. When found, wilds will substitute for all other symbols bar the scatter when matched!

Match the scatters that the wilds leave behind and you’ll unlock free spins in return! Up to 12 free spins are up for grabs here, each coming with an x3 multiplier!

The Verdict on the Irish Eyes Online Casino Slot

Arguably the best Irish-themed NZ online slots out at this moment in time, Irish Eyes from NextGen Gaming has more than proven itself worthy of your time and money!

We have played enough Irish slots out there to know which are worth checking out and those that aren’t, Irish Eyes is as simple as it is fortuitous, allowing you to rack up giant scores easily as long as you’re putting the time in.

NextGen Gaming has done an exceptional job here, play it now! There’s money to be made here, serious money.