Double Da Vinci Diamonds

Review of Double Da Vinci Diamonds

The original NZ slot game Da Vinci Diamonds broke records, so it was only inevitable that a sequel would be in the works, although we didn’t think a change in developers would come of this too!

That’s right, IGT, the hit mind behind the original Da Vinci Diamonds is nowhere to be found this time around — High 5 Games curated this one, and boy is it worth getting in line for! If you’re a fan of Da Vinci Diamonds then you’ll definitely want to see what’s up here!

Double Da Vinci Diamonds is a 5 reel by 40 payline sorts of slots online, one that is almost identical to the IGT original if not for a few tweaks here and there. One can play Double Da Vinci Diamonds from as little as 40p up to $400 per spin, thus giving any avid art/money enthusiast some variation in how they want to play.

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About the Developer: High 5 Games

To some of you, this will be the first time you have ever heard of High 5 Games, and to that we say, why is that? These guys have been around since 1995, crafting various games for punters to enjoy across the globe, racking up hundreds of thousands of followers in the process.

Today these guys have well over 300 titles for you to flick through, including the slot we are reviewing today in Double Da Vinci Diamonds. 

Most tend to group High 5 Games in with such names as IGT and Bally Technologies, and that’s because they’ve helped these companies in developing top quality online games, in fact, High 5 Games is responsible for over a hundred titles that they’ve curated for other companies, talk about cool! Want to know which slots we’re playing after this one?

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Bonus the Double Da Vinci Diamonds Casino Games/Bonus Features 

IGT did such a great job in establishing a base with the original Da Vinci Diamonds, which is probably why this Double version feels so similar to the original — not that we’re complaining.

Some will see the choices made by High 5 Games as lazy, we don’t — we understand that to go against the grain and create something entirely different would have alienated returning players, and we were looking for an excuse to play Da Vinci Diamonds again, so you could call us biased…

Like the original, Double Da Vinci Diamonds utilises something known as a ‘tumbling reels’ feature. Newbies might struggle with how this works at first, but once they’ve gotten a few spins under their belt this shouldn’t be an issue.

Most High 5 Gaming titles have this feature, so if you have played any of their slots in the past then this should come as no surprise to you. 

Allow us to elaborate: in most slot machines, new icons will simply just appear on the screen and when matched will simply disappear like magic, in Double Da Vinci Diamonds, symbols will roll into place, and can actually continue to roll thus leading to more wins in the process, imagine that!

It’s possible to have the reels spin on their own for many turns, it just depends on whether or not these new icons complete a winning combination.

Fans of Da Vinci’s work will definitely want to cast their eyes on this one. High 5 Games has done a stellar job in reimagining the work of the iconic artist, taking art from one medium into another for the enjoyment of online slot fans everywhere.

You won’t find a prettier slot out right now — unless you plan on playing Da Vinci Diamonds that is. You win money in Double Da Vinci Diamonds by matching as few as three icons in the same line, something that will happen quite often, unlike the ability to match five in a row.

Since this is Double Da Vinci Diamonds everything is dialled up, meaning punters have the chance of matching up to 10 icons in the same line, imagine that! 

Symbols you’ll find on the reels here range from paintings to jewels with a few added extras in between. One of the best symbols on the board here is the Mona Lisa — that’s right, one of the most famous works of art will net you 5,000 coins if you can find 10 of this lady in the same line. Other icons here are all worth their weight in gold, but the Mona Lisa should be the desired effect. 

Wild symbols make a grand return here, once again being used to substitute various icons you see on the board, adding free spin symbols into your game more frequently. The free spins bonus left by the wilds can make you a lot of money if you’re looking at increasing your current financial situation.

Up to 15 free spins are up for grabs here, each offering you the chance to multiple your scores indefinitely. The overall variance of Double Da Vinci Diamonds is not to be understated, so tread lightly. We can happily report that the same evocations one might have when playing the original is alive and well in this one — not to mention the fact that you can match 10 icons in the same line is a great addition.

Final Review of the Double Da Vinci Diamonds Slot

Double Da Vinci Diamonds does a great job of offering something a little bit extra to those looking for an excuse to dive back in. Yes, IGT isn’t at the helm of this one, but High 5 Games do a stellar job in capturing the magic of the original Da Vinci Diamonds while leaving a little room to experiment.