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Summary of Bonanza Online Slots

Looking to win big in these tunnels and caves? It is a 6 reel slot that provides players with up to 117,649 different winning combinations. to find here; tonnes of replayability from this one!

Experience Bonanza from as little as 20p a spin, up to a massive $500. This allows players of various entry levels to enjoy this great game! One thing we can tell you about Bonanza is it can feel like a rollercoaster to play at times. This should encourage you to check out this online casino slot game even more! Symbols matched here don’t just disappear, they explode!

Bonanza comes to you from developer Big Time Gaming. They are one of the more creative developers around right now. These guys have always had a knack of crafting slots that do things just a little bit different. And, if you need any evidence of that, then look no further than Bonanza! If you want more information about online slot, then carry on reading this article!

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Bonanza Slot Developers

This Australian developer goes all-out to give players the most elite experience possible! They have got the market on lock-down at the minute it. They have a list of interesting themes and rewarding bonuses. They have established a track record that separates them from their peers. And, this track record continues to be improved.

Bonanza is one of the developer's most played games. It is a game that is an example of how their games can outshine games made by their peers. They are games, unlike anything you’ve ever played before! Big Time Gaming is always out to make a statement with their games, which is what makes them so special. If you want to play more slots from these guys, then check out some of the following:

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  • And many, many more!

Gameplay on Bonanza Slots

We can promise you right off the bat that you’ve never played online slots quite like this one. This is a game that explodes out of your screen with great velocity, so wear science goggles. You need to play this game for yourself. We initially heard about it as “the game that will blow you away”. And, boy, did it. Once we got around to actually playing it for ourselves, we never looked back.

Mining slots are nothing new. But, you shouldn’t write this slot off just because it falls under this genre. if anything Bonanza takes the theme and changes it to the benefit of the player. Visually speaking, this slot is head and shoulders above any other mining slot. This is simply because it’s played outdoors, and you can actually see the reels. This is unlike other mining slots. We are not naming any specific games, but you know which they are!

Bonanza is what is known as a megawatts game. This means there are multiple ways for one to come out on top. This is thanks to the amount of winning combinations there are. Variety is said to be the spice of life, which is why this slot is considered a trendsetter. Not convinced? Tell us which other slots you know have well over 100,000 different winning combinations?

To play, you will need to set your coin range and place your bets. Coins range from as little as 0.20 to 500.00. However, keep in mind that the more you set down here, the more you’ll earn if you’re successful on the reels. Simply use the arrow keys to increase or decrease the bet. Once you are happy with your amount all you need to do then is hit the spin and watch as destruction fills your screen!

There is an autoplay mode available to anyone who wants to take advantage of the game's features. Autoplay can be selected from the bottom of the screen. Once selected, the game's computer will play for you for as long as you desire. You’ll first need to select your bet amounts before the game can begin spinning. And, this feature can be stopped or started at any time so don’t feel like you’re locked into the number of games selected.

Bonuses and Free Spins in Bonanza

All the symbols on the board take the shape of various coloured jewels and gems. Each symbol possesses a different value when matched. This depends on however many symbols you’re matching in one fell swoop. You’ll also notice that there are quite a few letter symbols here too. These are low-value symbols that will add to your overall score in small doses.

One of the best things about this game is the mining carts that will occasionally appear at the top of the screen. These carts will continuously add new symbols to the reels. This will occur every now and again to make sure you’re keeping on top of it all! Who knows, maybe the symbols that these carts are dropping off will actually lead to some winning combinations of their own.

Wild: Look out for the dynamite symbols on the reels, these symbols are Bonanza’s wild symbols. Matching these symbols will replace most of the symbols on the board, apart from the scatter. Wilds are very common here and will be your go-to symbol for those chasing the big scores.

Scatter: The letters G, O, L, and D are games scatter symbol. You will need to spell out the word GOLD if you want to earn free spins in Bonanza. This might sound difficult to achieve. But this isn’t really the case, just as long as you are finding plenty of wilds to bring more scatters to the reels.

Free Spins: Free spins are unlocked through spelling out the word GOLD as mentioned. Why you want to be gaining access to free spins comes via the multipliers that are attached here. Free spins are the best way of coming out on top here. So, make sure you are looking to gain access to this bonus with every turn.

Last Notes on Bonanza

Well, we said what there is to be said about this game. Big Time Gaming has done an amazing job with this one and we highly reccomend it. Unlimited multipliers and free spins keep rolling in this explosive game.